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Saturday, 21 May 2011

May 21, 2011

You’re The Person That I Most Admire

You’re The Person That I Most Admire,
The Person That I Most Would Like To Be.
Your Friendship, Like A Torch, Has Lit A Fire
Deep Within The Cave Where I Am Me.
Because Of You, I Want To Be A Teacher,
Touching Someone’s Life As You’ve Touched Mine.

And When I’m You I’ll Know Just How To Reach Her,
Giving Her The Faith That She Can Shine.
Though You Now Must Leave, And We Must Part,
A Little Piece Of You Remains Behind.
Held With Gratitude Within My Heart,
A Portrait Of A Lady Good And Kind.
You Will Be Part Of Everything I Do;
When I Need Strength, I’ll Look Inside For You
May 21, 2011

My Beautiful Dream

You are all of my beautiful dreams,
put together, and rolled into one.
You’re the moon and stars in my sky,
and the light of my morning sun.
You’re my first thought in the morning,
and my very last thought each night.
Dreams of you hold me through my day;
bring comfort to me, until morning light.
You have brought me a world of love,
which fills every emotion within me.
A world I always knew could exist,
but not one, I ever thought I would see.
A beautiful world that can only be seen,
through the hearts of two joined as one.
One that paints all of the colours of love,
more deeply within, as each day is done.
A portrait of love, captured by my heart,
and reflected so deeply into my soul.
Embracing me within beautiful dreams,
from love so precious, it makes me whole.
May 21, 2011

thats why I Love You

You’re Kissable
and Cuddly,
You’re Lovable & Sweet,
You thrill my every minute,
and Sweep me of my Feet,
You’re Charming and Disarming,
Desirable and True.
You inspired and impress me,
and thats why I Love You.
May 21, 2011


Often, as I look through my old window
Wonder, from where does this wind blow
There must be someone who made trees
And then made them move to and fro
Often as I look into the burning sun
I start to think of HIM, the Greatest One
HE is the creator and protector of all!
I am the creator and protector of none!
HE gave me eyes to see HIS grace
HE gave me a tongue just to praise
Today, as I think of my bad deeds
All selfish talks and my worldly greeds
My eyes get filled with tears and shame
With pain and sorrow, my heart bleeds
For how long in this world will I stay?
Surely, I’ll hve to leave one day
With the passge of time, I’ve realized
I m nothing but a puppet of clay!
May 21, 2011

the next year would be Incomplete

I remember when I
opened my new calender
smiling as I saw the first
month of the new year .
Months hve passed
…since tht moment n
the countdown now
comes to an end
there isn’t a time in
this year when I
regreted being with you
Because of you, I
laughed n loved as well
as cried n if given
nother chance, I would
stil spend next year
all over again with you …
Send this msg to the ppl
who brighten your world *.*
Without them , the next
year would be
Incomplete … :)
May 21, 2011

A Great Romance

A Great Romance
Oh, For A Love So Divine
And That Love Stand The Test Of Time.
To See The Joy This Love Brings
The Forgiving Of Bigs And Little Things.
To Be So Much More Than Man And Wife
And Share Much More Than A Way Life.
A Loving Touch , A Constant Friend
The One On Which You Can Depend.
A Passionate Kiss, Soft Words,
A Glance
One Of The Few……….
A Great Romance
May 21, 2011

A Boy Liked A Girl But

A Boy Liked A Girl But Wanted To Make Her Jealous.
Then One Day
Things Went Terribly Wrong.
The Next Few Weeks
Were Like A Very Sad Song.
He Made Her Jealous
On Purpose He Tried.
When The Girl Asked, “Do You Love Her?”
On Purpose He Lied.
He Played With Jealousy
Like It Was A Game.
Little Did He Know
Things Would Never Be The Same.
His Plan Was Working
But He Had No Clue.
How Wrong Things Would Go,
The Damage He Would Do.
One Night She Broke Down,
Feeling Very
Just Her And The Blade,
No One Else Home.
She Dialed His Number,
He Answered, “Hello”
She Told Him She Loved Him
And Hung Up The Phone.
He Raced To Her
Just A Minute Too Late.
Found Her Lying In Blood
Her Heart
Had No Rate.
Beside Her Was A Note,
In It Her Confession.
Her Love For This Boy,
Her Only Obsession.
As He Read The Note,
He Knelt Down And Cried =’[[!!

Monday, 28 February 2011

February 28, 2011

In Your Eyes

I Love All The Stars In The Sky 
I Love All The Stars In The Sky 
But They Are Nothing Compared 
To The Ones In Your Eyes
February 28, 2011

A Perfect Friend

You Have Known Me In Good And Bad Times , 
You Have Seen Me When I Was Happy And When 
I Was Sad, You Have Watched Me Laugh And Cry,
Thank You For Believing In Me, For Supporting Me , 
And For Always Being There , 
Thank You For Being A PERFECT...
February 28, 2011

All My New And Close Friends

For All My New And Close Friends… 
As I Think Of Our Friendship, 
 I Begin To See Mere Words Can’t Describe 
What You Mean To Me. When This Cold,
Hard World Has Me Lonesome And Blue
I Look Up To See My Angel, 
My Sweet Angel, You. You Dry The...
February 28, 2011

Just A Little Angel

I’m Just A Little Angel Sent From Up Above To Help Guide You And Protect You And Give You Lots Of Love. On Those Days When You Feel Lonely Kinda Sad And Blue You’ll Feel My Little Angel Wings Tenderly Enfolding You. I’m Just A Little...
February 28, 2011

The Nature Of Friendship

It Takes More Than Caring To Be A Real Friend;
The Nature Of Friendship; Requires A Blend Of Warmest Compassion And Love Deep And True To Reach And To Comfort The Way That You Do. Because I Can See That Your Kind Of Friendship Is Priceless To...
February 28, 2011

Friends Smile At You

Friends Smile At You.
They Like Your Face.
They Want To Be With You
Any Old Place.
Friends Have Fun With You.
Friends Share They’re Glad
When You’re Happy— When You’re Sad,
They Care. If You’re A Friend Then You Care,...
February 28, 2011

My Friend When I Think Of You

My Friend When I Think Of You.
I Think Of All That We’ve Been Through.
All The Times We Argue And Fight, 
I Know Deep Inside That It Isn’t Right.
I, Then Feel Bad And Alot Of Pain. 
It Feels Like I’ve Fallen From 
The Sky Like The Rain. I Love...
February 28, 2011

You’r My Friend And That Is True

You’r My Friend And That Is True,
But The Gift Was Given From Me To You. 
We Went Thru Moments That Were Good And Bad,
Even Moments That Were Happy And Sad.
You Suported Me When I Was In Tears,
We Stuck Together When We Were In Fear, Its...