Abhi aankhen khuli hain aur kya kya dekhne ko,
Mujhe paagal kiya uss ne tamaasha dekhne ko,
Woh surat dekh li ham ne to phir kuch bhi na dekha,
Abhi warna parri thi aik duniyaa dekhne ko,
Tamanna ki kisse parwah ke sone jaagne mein,
Muyassar hain bohat khawb-e-tamanna dekhne ko,
Bazaahir mutmayin main bhi raha iss anjuman me,
Sabhi maujood the aur woh bhi khush tha dekhne ko,
Ab us ko dekh kar dil ho geya hai aur bi bojhal,
Tarasta tha yehi dekho to kitnaa dekhne ko,
Ab itnaa husn ankhon me samaaye bhi to kyun kr,
Wagarna aaj usse ham ne bhi dekhaa dekhne ko,
Chupaaya haath se chehra bhi uss na-meherbaan ne,
Hum aaye they “zafar” jis ka saraapa dekhne ko..

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