Ramadan 2015 begins on the evening of June 17 this year and ends in the evening of Friday, July 17, The exact Ramadan 2015 date will vary since it depends on the lunar calendar. Ramadan is considered to be a Holy Month for Muslims, who fast from sunrise to sunset and partake in charity. 

Below are 12 Ramadan quotes and greetings:

1. "Eid Mubarak to all Muslims around the world, may the blessings of Allah be with you today, tomorrow, and always! Happy Eid 2015!"

2. "Ramadan is the month to fast, pray, read Quran and do charity and in return receive rich rewards from Allah."

3. “As we celebrate the holy month of Ramadan, May Allah shower His blessings upon you and your family”

4. "May the Ramadan bring you peace and prosperity, good health and wealth, and brighten your life forever."

5. “A mind that is not moving with questions, is a mind that is regressing.”

6. “Never forget your dialogue with God, it is your strength.”

7. "A beautiful greeting wishing that your family receive bountiful blessing and peace throughout the Ramadan Month."

8. “As Ramadan is fast approaching, Let’s prepare our hearts and minds that We may be united spiritually with the almighty one”

9. "Fasting...is not about a diet of burning calories. It's about burning ego, pride and sins."

10. "Ramadan Kareem!" ("Noble (or Generous) Ramadan!")

11. "Ramadan Mubarak!" ("Blessed Ramadan!")

12. "Kul 'am wa enta bi-khair!" ("May every year find you in good health!")